About Us

Ambre is the French spelling of the Arabic word for jewel.

Ambre is of Arabic origin and it is predominantly used in the French language.

Ambre is derived from the vocabulary word amber which denotes a translucent fossil resin used in jewellery making.

Ambre ™ Gems & Jewels PTY Ltd is a registered and trademarked business brings you only superior products and materials sourced from artisans based internationally in the Baltic regions of Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Germany. Lithuania is often called the amber-land and all our high quality handmade products are made from 100% natural Baltic Sea amber.

Our goal: we want you and your family to enjoy the uses and benefits of pure Baltic Amber, not only for its therapeutic value but also for adornment.

Comfortable, lightweight, and very beautiful, amber adult and baby necklaces, bracelets, pendants; as well as exclusive jewellery pieces from our silver collection are brought to you by Ambre – The love will always be there.