Uses and Benefits

Amber is an organic gem material (a product of living organisms and biological processes) formed millions of years ago, when sap from ancient trees hardened and fossilized.

Eastern Europe has a very long history in using natural medicines and remedies. It is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. Worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief, amber was used to promote fast healing and to boost the body’s own immune system. Amber has been reported to relieve so many ailments.

Many benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory – helps reduce inflammation in ailments such as arthritis
  • Calmative
  • Natural aid in pain relieving
  • Helps with inflamed gums experienced with teething babies
  • Anti-pyretic – helps reduce high fevers.

Children wearing amber is a very old traditional custom in Europe and the Far East. Amber is known to reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach and to fight inflammation, infections and respiratory disease.

Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs and chemicals in medicines. The organic, natural pain relieving properties of Baltic amber are perfect to soothe teething babies.

Amber has long been used in folk medicine for its purported healing properties. Amber and extracts were used from the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece for a wide variety of treatments through the Middle Ages and up until the early twentieth century.

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